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Flashback Friday- Family Home Number 1

Friday, 5 July 2013

We are actually repeat offenders when it comes to buying 'renovators' delights'!  We look past an undesirable facade and see potential.  It all began back in 2001 when at 22 and 23 years of age we decided to enter the housing market and buy a modest post-war home. 

Big smiles as we got the keys for our first home. 
We had no idea what we were in for!
The house was on a decent size block in a good location.  It had good bones even if the decor was a little dated!

Elated on the first night in our new home!
Check out the tiles, lino and curtains!

Discussing renovation plans in the bathroom.

It wasn't a huge renovation but we were kept busy over the five years of ownership.  We got straight into pulling up the carpet to reveal the beautiful blackbutt timber floors.  We removed a wall that separated the living, dining and kitchen rooms to create one open space.  Painting the walls and ceilings was a big task but saved us money to leave the exterior painting to the professionals.

Let the fun begin!

We gutted the bathroom and created a more functional and modern room.  The kitchen stayed as it was except some white tile paint did the trick at updating the pink floral tile splashback.  The dodgy carport had to go and Hubby M had his dream Titan shed erected in the back yard.  Lastly we tackled the gardens.  It took several attempts to fill the garden beds as our labradors acquired a taste for camellias!

So proud of his handy work!
Loving our old hand-me-down polycane furniture from the Grandparents!

Can you see the lengths we went to to keep the dogs out?
(And yes she is wearing a party hat!)

He even tried to help with the electrical work!

The fences were replaced and we were comfortable.  Comfortable, but ready for the next project!  In 2006 we spotted a real diamond in the rough so it was time to say goodbye to our first family home.  We were proud of what we had achieved and keen to apply what we had learnt to a new property.  However, it was sad to leave that humble little home where we started our lives together.  The place where we worked hard and dreamt big, where we learnt about renovating and learnt about each other, where we were engaged and married.  That house really set us up for life together.

Goodbye Family Home #1!