Monday 13 January 2014

Laying turf was one of our major priorities after moving back into the house.  We had the odd patch of grass but mainly an awful combination of dirt and weeds.  So Hubby M decided that on his first day of holidays, 23 December, we would get some turf down.  Amongst all of the Christmas preparations and in 30 degree heat of course!

First task on the weekend prior though was to remove the old garden shed from the corner of the backyard.  It's amazing what people will buy from Gumtree!

Then, bright and early on Monday morning, the bobcat arrived to remove the garden shed slab and prepare the ground for the turf.  Master H was very excited to see the return of some machinery!

We discovered that the garden shed slab was a tad over-designed.  200mm thick, a brick base and sitting on 400mm deep piers on the corners.  The bobcat operator had a bit of difficulty breaking it up!

Gemma was less than impressed about losing her yard for the day.  

Once the yard was cleared it was a little daunting to see the large area to be covered!  

Hubby M had just finished marking out some garden beds around the perimeter of the house and yard when the turf was delivered.  All 250 square metres of Aussiblue turf from Clifton Park.

Fortunately my Dad and brother arrived to help lay the turf.

The three guys worked at quite a pace and before long we had a back yard that looked so much bigger- especially with the garden shed gone!

Even Gemma was impressed!

The fertiliser and rain has done a world of good!

The boys are mowing every 4 days at the moment!  And loving it!  


  1. That's one over-engineered garden shed base! The house looks amazing guys, congratulations - it must be grand to be H.O.M.E. !!

    Cheers, Col

    1. Thanks Col! It really is great to be settled back into the house and making it our home again.

  2. Grass looks so good. You must be beside yourself to have it looking so good. Hope you get heaps of rain! xx

    1. Thank you. It's funny that I spent the last 6 months cursing the rain and now I can't get enough!

  3. Your grass looks amazing I just want to take off my shoes and run around all over it! We laid turf last Summer but sadly it didnt stand up to our hot summer weather in WA and the shade from the nearby gumtree was also a factor in shortening its life span. Oh and our new puppy also decided to help by digging and turning it into a sand pit. It was nice while it lasted :)

  4. Your house looks stunning Elisa! Grass makes a world of difference doesn't it? X


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