Renovation- Week 12

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What a week!  Big progress with painting and the kitchen this week and a very busy time as I returned to work on Monday.  Now I am very much looking forward to moving back home and life returning to normal!  So I'll keep this post brief and let the pictures speak for themselves.

The painters starting adding colour to the front exterior.

The facade is looking better all the time!

The painters got busy on the interior walls of the kitchen, dining, lounge area.

Completing necessary painting before the installation of the kitchen and study nook.

The first rough sand was completed.

The new and old sanded floors in the hallway.
And wait for it...

The cabinet makers have started installing the study nook and kitchen.

Just a few more cabinets to add to the kitchen.
Study nook ready for benchtop installation.


  1. Wow - lots of progress over there. You are definitely on the home stretch now! I'm glad you posted a picture of the old/new floorboards. Please post another photo once when they are done - our threshold between old and new will also include a change in flooring (ie old hoop pine and blackout.) Kitchen looks fab. xx

    1. Thanks Caroline. I thought you would appreciate seeing the flooring in the hallway. I'll post another pic when the flooring is finished. We're really happy with the blackbutt so far.

  2. Congratulations - your kitchen is looking amazing and is going to be incredible when it's done. I wish I had had the foresight to instal a study nook in our house, so I wouldn't have to spend my days working on the dining table and annoying my husband.

    1. Thank you Mel. Your kitchen was a big inspiration! My Hubby is also very keen for me to work somewhere other than the dining room table so the study nook will be great. I think it will also be an ideal space for the kids to play and complete homework while being supervised.

  3. Oh your paint job is looking amazing! And love the size of your study nook, it is massive. Good to see such fast progress on your kitchen too, you must be so excited! mel x

  4. Thank you Mel. I'm so in love with the paint colours. I'm not sure my photos do them justice. I should probably stop calling it a study nook because at 3m wide it's more of a room! I'm glad we will be able to comfortably sit two adults or an adult and both kids at the desk.

  5. Can't wait too see how those floors come up, kitchen looks wonderful, bet you can't wait to be home.

  6. Wow that looks fantastic and the paint really ties it all together. Love the open plan kitchen area.

    Cheers, Col


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