Renovation- Week 3

Monday, 15 July 2013

We made the decision to stay in the house while Builder B completed the first stage of the renovation which is the extension to the rear.  You would have seen in our Week 2 post that the back door was relocated to the living room wall and we were confined to the front of the house.  It's just like having an old outhouse with our bathroom now detached from our living space!

The living space we are confined to.
An open air walk to the bathroom.
Master H and Miss O are enjoying the novelty of eating dinner in front of the telly but Mum E and Hubby M are feeling the strain of such a small living space.  And with all this wet weather it would have been good for the house to be empty so that the Builder B could be making progress inside on rainy days.

Dinnertime at our Family Home.
But despite the rain, Builder B and Builder A have continued to make great progress at the rear of the house.

Kitchen ceiling and roof cut back to allow for new 3.2m high wall frame.
Raked ceiling and back wall of the house will be removed in due course.

Bathroom/Dining room wall and roof removed and new frame erected.

Ply bracing added to rear wall of the house.

Outdoor kitchen/laundry wall frame erected.

Tarps placed over roof openings to keep the rain out.
Trips to the bathroom are a bit chilly!

Deck posts and beams erected.

Kwila decking going down.

FC sheet and nib wall installed for laundry cupboard/kitchen bench.

This is an area where I would appreciate your advice.  You will see below that the plan is to run a decorative balustrade valance around the top of the deck to try and break up the height.

So on the laundry/outdoor kitchen, western wall it will look like this...

Exterior view of the outdoor kitchen/laundry on the deck.

We have decided to raise the height of the wall so that the valance will only be around 450mm.  But now we need to decide what finish to have on the internal wall.  There will be a cupboard for the washing machine and dryer with a benchtop and sink that can be used when cooking with the adjacent barbeque. 
-Do you think we will need a splashback?
-Should we use chamferboard or FC sheet on the internal wall that runs up to the valance?


  1. Wow, your progress to date is so so amazing. Considering you are only week three it is incredible. You are doing so well with a make do kitchen and two small children, my house is a bombsite in every room except Roboboys bedroom so I have pure relief that we are not there now. With your laundry splashback situation, I'm not really sure you need a splashback, I am not having one in my laundry at all, maybe just make sure that whatever paint you use is easy to wipe down. Fc sheet might be easier to keep clean. mel x

    1. Yes I'm glad things are moving fast because I'm already longing for my house to be back to normal! No splashback sounds good to me. One less decision to make! I appreciate your feedback. :)

  2. Looks like wonderful progress at your place. Soon those cramped conditions will be a faint memory. Looking forward to seeing how your laundry pans out, the valance idea sounds interesting.

    1. Thanks Simmone. The valance is almost complete now. You can see pictures in my week 4 post. I'm keen to see how the laundry pans out too! I opted for convenience having it upstairs but compromised on practicality.


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