Renovation- Week 4

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

As the builders continue to progress at a rapid pace our days of living in the house are numbered.  It won't be long until work begins inside the existing house and it would be good for the builders to have the option of working indoors with all of this wet weather.   It was also timely to have my Mum's 60th birthday this week so I decided to pack up the kids and drive to Emerald to surprise Mum.  We will stay here for a couple of weeks while Hubby M bunks down and finishes packing up the last contents of the house.

Enjoying sunny and warm Emerald.

It was a huge effort to sort and pack the items that we would need not only for the next two weeks in Emerald but for the next 3 months until the house is completed.  Add in two sick children, a kindy open day, more rain and a 14 hour drive to Emerald and it was a hectic week with very little sleep.  Of course it rained the day that Hubby M needed to move the remaining large items out of the house!  Fortunately he had the help of some lovely friends and relatives and many hands made light work.

Hubby M's efforts to combat the mud and rain.
At least the excitement of our back deck kept us motivated.  We're really happy with the addition of the balustrades and valance.  I just can't wait to remove the garden shed and plant a lovely tree in the back corner of the yard!


The wall frame on the western wall will be extended up to meet the bottom of the valance rather than have a gap between the two.  I hope this is the right decision.  I'm still undecided on whether to line the inside of this wall with FC sheet or chamferboard.

The scaffolding arrived and reinforced that it really was time for me and the kids to move out!  I'm still not sure where we will live when we return from Emerald. Any suggestions of a fully furnished apartment we can rent for a couple of months in Brisbane???



  1. Wow, your deck looks fantastic and your rate of progress is astounding! Totally hear you about the hideousness of planned packing for the months ahead, just last week my seven year old needed a baby photo for a school project and my heart sank, god knows which box they are in as they were not considered "needed" for the 5 month stay in this house. Hope your kids are on the mend and your mum is looking after you, it really is stressful juggling a reno with small children but I can say now that I am on the home stretch that all the hard bits start to fade when you are near to moving back in. I don't know about apartments but the lovely house we are renting will be free from mid September probably until Christmas if you are wanting a short term rental but it is not furnished. mel x

    1. Thanks Mel. I hope Roboboy wasn't upset about his school project. I bet the kids are getting excited to see the transformation at your place and looking forward to moving back in.
      Thanks for the tip about the house but we need something for August and hope to be back in during October.

  2. I forgot to say, I wonder if you should leave the gap open to let the western light into your deck. Looks narrow enough that you won't get too hot and you might miss the light on a winter afternoon. My high laundry window faces west and the light it lets in is fantastic and I'm hoping the height will prevent too much summer heat getting in. mel x

    1. That's a good point. Once the roof is on it may feel too dark. I might spend an afternoon on the deck when I return home to monitor the angle of the sun.


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