Renovation- Week 6

Friday, 9 August 2013

Our week 6 update is a little late as my internet access dried up.  I was relying on the 1.5Gb of data per month included with my mobile phone plan as my wi-fi connection for the laptop and iPad.  And it turns out that doesn't last long!  Especially with Master H downloading Peppa Pig on YouTube!  Just as my internet withdrawal symptoms started to set in, Hubby M got us sorted by increasing our mobile plans. Anyway, enough about my first world problems and on to the progress at the house.

Our master bedroom started to take shape with the removal of the verandah wall.  I'm really looking forward to the addition of a retreat area, walk-through robe and ensuite in the verandah area.  We won't know ourselves with all that space!

The verandah wall and hallway wall removed
from Miss O's bedroom to create our master bedroom.

Three windows on the retreat wall will let in the beautiful morning sun.

The view from the walk-through robe. 
Recycled pine floorboards from our kitchen/dining area will be used on the verandah.

The new wall frame was erected to divide
Miss O's bedroom and the hallway.
The scaffolding was removed to reveal the house's new look.  The facade changed even more with the framing for the new front door and french doors for Master H and Miss O's bedrooms.  It was very exciting to see the new double hung windows and sliding door installed in the living area.
Bye-bye scaffolding!

Frames for new doors.  Insulation to be
added and walls re-lined with VJs.

Hello, beautiful new windows!

I'm glad we changed to a sliding door instead of the bi-fold.   

I think the fixed panel of glass is a better option than the doors
protruding onto our wide but shallow deck.
The builders have begun cladding the exterior walls with new chamferboards.
It won't be long now until we are at lock-up!


  1. It must feel good to see the new spaces come to life. And I think it's a fab idea utilising the verandah as internal floor space. OVP has a fine example with their Four-Room Cottage - all the utilitarian rooms (ie bathroom, ensuite and laundry) occupy the old side verandah and it works wonderfully. I agree with your comments re the sliding door - we (will) have a similar door that opens up onto our outside entertaining area too. xx

    1. Yes. We are really getting a feel for each of the new spaces now. The verandah area really makes sense as an extension to our bedroom. I'm looking forward to seeing your outdoor entertaining area come to life.

  2. It's all looking great, love your new double hungs in the lounge. We vacillated between slider and bifolds for AGES and chose bifolds, hopefully was the right decision for our deck. The do take up a decent chunk of space open, that's for sure. mel x

    1. I do like bi-folds and you have such a huge area. I'm sure the open doors won't be an issue for you. We really needed clearance from the doorway for our outdoor kitchen/laundry to function on one side and so we had room for outdoor furniture on the other side. Otherwise I think I would have stuck with the bi-folds.


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