Renovation- Week 8

Monday, 19 August 2013

The house has been a hive of activity this week with more framing and cladding by the builders and the painters starting on site.  We had a co-ordination meeting with the builder and cabinet maker to discuss the finer details of our kitchen and study.  I'll have to share the plans with you in another post.  I am so excited about this space!  We also met the electrician on site to finalise our power and lighting plans.  Meanwhile, I'm wishing Pottery Barn would start selling their lighting in Australia.  It's very difficult to source the gorgeous lighting in the images I have pinned on Pinterest.  And I'm not sure that I want the drama of importing and converting lights from the U.S.  

I have been out and about visiting lighting stores and plumbing suppliers to confirm our selections.  Having Master H and Miss O along for the trip always makes for an eventful visit!  We still need to settle on tiles for the ensuite but I think I have had enough for one week!

Painters have primed the timber doors and posts.

Flooring added ready for tiles in the ensuite
and pine flooring in the robe and retreat area.

Our old bedroom door removed and framed up
for the ensuite wall.

Framing for the main wardrobe in our master bedroom.
A new doorway cut in the hallway wall.

Framing for the guest bedroom.

Master H's bedroom door will be repositioned
to the new hallway and a robe will be on this wall
of the guest bedroom.

The hallway framing extended into the living area.
The study cabinetry will be on the left and kitchen on the right.

Chamfer boards added to the BBQ and bench area.
Battens added to the ceiling ready for VJ lining.

More ceiling battens and the primed door and windows in the living area.

Cladding complete on the bathroom wall.  Primed windows.

Cladding on the laundry/kitchen cupboard.

I must share our paint colour selections too.  Good bye poo brown and heritage green, maroon and cream! 


  1. More great progress! It's making me rather jealous seeing everyone at lock-up stage and beyond. Can't wait to see you bathroom and kitchen - they're the best bits! xx

    1. Thanks Caroline. I can't wait to see them either!

  2. All progress is good progress! It's all looking wonderful, esp the new open space at the back, won't be long now.

  3. Oh you are chugging along nicely, nothing better than banishing the old heritage green and cream. Probably much like the glee I feel covering over powder blue and custard! mel x

    1. I can't wait to see your house painted! Have you settled on the exterior colour yet?

  4. It's really taking on it's new life now. Do you know the blog "The House that A-M Built"? She has a lighting business, 'Cape Cod Designs', maybe check it out for what you are looking for. She's based in Brisbane too.


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