Renovation- Week 7

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

This week saw the installation of the remaining windows and more chamferboards to the exterior of the house.  We're still eagerly awaiting the delivery and installation of the front doors.  I can't wait to see the house after its facelift! 
New windows for the guest bedroom.
Loving the new windows in the retreat area and ensuite.

The new look for the Eastern side of the house.
Window replaced in the bathroom and
chamferboards complete on the extension.
The Western wall.

Chamferboards complete on the Western wall.
As I mentioned in our week 3 and week 4 updates, we have been unsure about the western wall of the deck.  Originally we planned to have a full-height wall and were uncertain how to finish the internal side.  We have now decided to lower the wall to allow a small splashback above the outdoor kitchen/laundry bench.  We can add shutters or a blind if necessary.  
Wall lowered for an open side to the deck above the laundry/BBQ.
The rear view of the house.

I must admit that I'm getting a little overwhelmed with all of the decision making at the moment!  I thought we had specified heaps of items but there are still so many little details to consider and I don't want to get them wrong.  I really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. 


  1. OMG! What amazing progress!! So much gets done when we get to see it in these chunks. It's looking good. You must be so excited. I like the decision to lower the wall, it's more authentic "deck like".

  2. I know! I am so impressed with the pace at which the builder is working. On Monday I gave the builder my paint selections and I arrived on Tuesday to see the painters working already! Thanks for your reassurance about the deck.

  3. Wow, fantastic progress this week, glad you lowered the wall- the outlook is so green and lovely it would be a shame to miss the view and the winter sun. In summer if it is too hot, the blind will work well. As I have already moaned about on my blog, the decisions have just become overwhelming here on the tail stretch for us. I think we are nearly done though, just one sink to order now. mel x


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