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Renovation- Week 9

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

We have colour and couldn't be happier!  We chose our paint colours back in 2010 when we purchased the house so it's a relief that we still love our selections.  Like Family Home Number 2 we were keen to make a selection from the Colorbond range and we decided upon Evening Haze as our main wall colour and Monument for the gutters and sills.  To help with the remaining selections we employed Dulux Colour Consultant, Suzanne Pike from Home and Office Revamps.  These are the exterior colours we settled on:

We replaced the gutters in Colorbond Monument.  Evening Haze has been painted on the chamfer boards and Natural White on the eaves.  The ceilings will also be painted in Natural White.  The facia, fretwork and railings are yet to be painted in Vivid White.

The plan is to paint the sills and handrails in Monument but we like the look of the white at the moment.  What do you think?  I'll share our interior colours soon.

In other news, the insulation and VJ ceilings have been installed on the deck and living room.

The ceilings on the verandah have also been insulated and lined and a couple of damaged posts replaced.

More chamfer boards were replaced on the western wall for a better integration with the existing boards.  This was a bit of a bonus as we were able to add more insulation to Master H's bedroom wall which heats up in the afternoon.

Unfortunately it hasn't been all smiles this week.  Despite previous advice from our certifier and town planner, Council is now insisting that we complete a Partial Demolition Application to put in our front door.  This is particularly frustrating considering there is evidence that there was a front door in the original house and that our entrance door on the side verandah was originally a window based on the sill check outs in the frame.  I'm all for protecting the integrity of character homes in demolition control precincts.  Our whole renovation has been planned to restore the home, as much as possible, to its former glory.  We are reinstating character features that had been removed.  It's not like we're adding a skillion roof or glass balustrades!  Anyway, more fees and time delays but my rant is over.  

Renovation- Week 8

Monday, 19 August 2013

The house has been a hive of activity this week with more framing and cladding by the builders and the painters starting on site.  We had a co-ordination meeting with the builder and cabinet maker to discuss the finer details of our kitchen and study.  I'll have to share the plans with you in another post.  I am so excited about this space!  We also met the electrician on site to finalise our power and lighting plans.  Meanwhile, I'm wishing Pottery Barn would start selling their lighting in Australia.  It's very difficult to source the gorgeous lighting in the images I have pinned on Pinterest.  And I'm not sure that I want the drama of importing and converting lights from the U.S.  

I have been out and about visiting lighting stores and plumbing suppliers to confirm our selections.  Having Master H and Miss O along for the trip always makes for an eventful visit!  We still need to settle on tiles for the ensuite but I think I have had enough for one week!

Painters have primed the timber doors and posts.

Flooring added ready for tiles in the ensuite
and pine flooring in the robe and retreat area.

Our old bedroom door removed and framed up
for the ensuite wall.

Framing for the main wardrobe in our master bedroom.
A new doorway cut in the hallway wall.

Framing for the guest bedroom.

Master H's bedroom door will be repositioned
to the new hallway and a robe will be on this wall
of the guest bedroom.

The hallway framing extended into the living area.
The study cabinetry will be on the left and kitchen on the right.

Chamfer boards added to the BBQ and bench area.
Battens added to the ceiling ready for VJ lining.

More ceiling battens and the primed door and windows in the living area.

Cladding complete on the bathroom wall.  Primed windows.

Cladding on the laundry/kitchen cupboard.

I must share our paint colour selections too.  Good bye poo brown and heritage green, maroon and cream! 

Renovation- Week 7

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

This week saw the installation of the remaining windows and more chamferboards to the exterior of the house.  We're still eagerly awaiting the delivery and installation of the front doors.  I can't wait to see the house after its facelift! 
New windows for the guest bedroom.
Loving the new windows in the retreat area and ensuite.

The new look for the Eastern side of the house.
Window replaced in the bathroom and
chamferboards complete on the extension.
The Western wall.

Chamferboards complete on the Western wall.
As I mentioned in our week 3 and week 4 updates, we have been unsure about the western wall of the deck.  Originally we planned to have a full-height wall and were uncertain how to finish the internal side.  We have now decided to lower the wall to allow a small splashback above the outdoor kitchen/laundry bench.  We can add shutters or a blind if necessary.  
Wall lowered for an open side to the deck above the laundry/BBQ.
The rear view of the house.

I must admit that I'm getting a little overwhelmed with all of the decision making at the moment!  I thought we had specified heaps of items but there are still so many little details to consider and I don't want to get them wrong.  I really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. 

Renovation- Week 6

Friday, 9 August 2013

Our week 6 update is a little late as my internet access dried up.  I was relying on the 1.5Gb of data per month included with my mobile phone plan as my wi-fi connection for the laptop and iPad.  And it turns out that doesn't last long!  Especially with Master H downloading Peppa Pig on YouTube!  Just as my internet withdrawal symptoms started to set in, Hubby M got us sorted by increasing our mobile plans. Anyway, enough about my first world problems and on to the progress at the house.

Our master bedroom started to take shape with the removal of the verandah wall.  I'm really looking forward to the addition of a retreat area, walk-through robe and ensuite in the verandah area.  We won't know ourselves with all that space!

The verandah wall and hallway wall removed
from Miss O's bedroom to create our master bedroom.

Three windows on the retreat wall will let in the beautiful morning sun.

The view from the walk-through robe. 
Recycled pine floorboards from our kitchen/dining area will be used on the verandah.

The new wall frame was erected to divide
Miss O's bedroom and the hallway.
The scaffolding was removed to reveal the house's new look.  The facade changed even more with the framing for the new front door and french doors for Master H and Miss O's bedrooms.  It was very exciting to see the new double hung windows and sliding door installed in the living area.
Bye-bye scaffolding!

Frames for new doors.  Insulation to be
added and walls re-lined with VJs.

Hello, beautiful new windows!

I'm glad we changed to a sliding door instead of the bi-fold.   

I think the fixed panel of glass is a better option than the doors
protruding onto our wide but shallow deck.
The builders have begun cladding the exterior walls with new chamferboards.
It won't be long now until we are at lock-up!

Renovation- Week 5

Monday, 29 July 2013

Week 5 and we're still alive...  only just.  It has been a huge week!  Hubby M camped out in Master H's room packing what seems to be a never-ending supply of remaining items in the house and continued searching for a property for us to rent until October. 

My time away with Mum in Emerald was cut short due to illness. My poor sister became critically ill and was hospitalised. Her three children came to stay at Mum's making it a very full house. Then I also became unwell and decided it was time to head home.  Fortunately Hubby M had found that a family friend was away on holidays and happy to rent out his house immediately. Hubby M flew to Emerald on Saturday morning and drove us home on Sunday. Seeing the amazing progress on the house instantly lifted my spirit and gave me the energy to move in to our new temporary home that night. Here are some pictures. Please excuse the poor quality. I'm limited to the iPhone and iPad for photography and blogging at the moment!

Old balustrades removed to make way for new ones

Sleep out wall lining stripped. This will be the ensuite and walk-through robe. 

Sleep out ply wall lining stripped showing us that the two side doors were in fact once windows by the sill check outs in the studs. No paint on the VJ's or rafters is an interesting find.

Wall framing for the end of the ensuite. 

Roof trusses delivered. 

Hip roof taking shape. 
Three days from truss delivery to finished roof including new roof and gutters to the entire house!

The view from under the roof trusses. Insulation blanket to the underside of the roof sheeting and ceiling bats should keep things cool. Some of the AC duct temporarily located in in the ceiling before the roof sheeting went on.

New zincalume roof with 'monument' coloured gutters and gable roll. 

Balustrades demolished and insulation blanket under the roof sheeting. 

Robe wall and ensuite wall. 

Miss O's bedroom wall and door removed to open up the bedroom into the old hallway. 
The wall with the window will also be removed to extend what will become our master bedroom out into the verandah area. 

Our bedroom door removed and the centre hall marked out. 

The centre hall will cut through our current bedroom. 
The view from what will be our new front entrance. 

Partially demolished wardrobe from our bedroom. 
This will become Miss O's bedroom. 

Let's hope for a week of good health and that we settle quickly in to our new home. I'm exhausted!